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Updated: Aug 28, 2021

Hello and welcome to the Garden State Dance Arts Blog! We wanted to create a place where families could get a chance to learn more about us, our studio, and about dance in general.

We know how difficult it can be choosing an extracurricular activity for yourself or your child without first knowing a bit about how it all works. The co-owners of Garden State Dance Arts, Rosanne Moxley & Alyssa Noorman, both grew up with dance in their lives from an early age. Before they were going to school, they were already familiar with taking a dance class and what it was like to dance on a stage. Living life with that perspective can make it difficult to understand what it feels like to be an older child, teen, or adult who is unfamiliar with going to dance class and unsure if they will like it.

It wasn't until one day Rosanne had the realization: "If I ever wanted to learn how to ski...I wouldn't know the first thing about what to do to get started! I guess I would google where I could find local ski lessons and then just follow their recommendations as to what kind of equipment I would need. But how do I know if where I am going caters to beginners? How do I know what kind of experience my instructor has?" There were so many questions and that realization helped her understand this problem from the perspective of someone not familiar with dance.

That is why this blog exists. We want to help shed some light on what signing up for your first dance class is all about. First, we will take some time to introduce ourselves and then we will start to address the most common questions we have been asked throughout our careers.

In the meantime, take a look at our website for some general information about the types of classes we offer and if you have an immediate question, don't hesitate to email us:

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