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Try a class at Garden State Dance Arts and discover the best in you!

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Give Garden State Dance Arts a try and you'll see why we are the best around!

Interested in enrolling your child in dance or acrobatics classes but aren’t sure where to start? Our Trial Class is perfect for you.


Our trial allows you and your child or teen to visit GSDA and participate in a class first before committing to a 10-week session. Let your child or teen discover which genres of dance they like best, and get a feel for our studio’s atmosphere. No strings attached!


Schedule a Trial Class with us and receive a discount on dancewear bundles as well as a FREE GIFT when you register for a 10-week session!

Why do parents love our programs so much?

Trial Sign Up

Simply fill out the form below to begin the process of scheduling your Trial Class

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