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Garden State Dance Arts offers group classes for all ages. Our Intellidance: Move with Me program is for age 3 months to 4 years and class is taken with a parent or other caregiver. Our child and teen program includes ballet, acrobatics, jazz, tap, and musical theatre.

Group Classes

Group Classes

Classes for All Ages

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3 months to Kindergarten

Youth Tap Dance Rehearsal

Grade 1 to High School

Upbeat Dance Class

College to Retired

Fall 2023 Schedule
Private Lessons

private lessons

Garden State Dance Arts offers private and semi-private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to supplement your dance or acrobatics training. They are a great benefit because each lesson is personalized to help reach a dancer reach a specific goal. Private lessons are especially recommended when a student is feeling stuck in their regular weekly classes and needs some one-on-one attention to help work out why they aren't progressing. ​

The length of time a student should take private lesson varies by many factors. It's best to speak with the faculty about your goals. Some goals can be achieved in just a few short weeks, while others could take months. After our initial evaluation, we can better predict a suitable timeline.

Private lessons are most effective when the student:

  • is already taking weekly group classes.

  • has a specific goal in mind.

  • is mature enough to commit to doing homework between private lessons.

Private lessons are NOT:

  • a substitute for weekly technique classes.

  • a way to skip ahead to a skill when the dancer is not yet ready.

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First private lesson includes a FREE evaluation

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