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Tween/Teen summer camps & classes

Summer dance classes can be a great way to boost your skills and stay active! They offer a unique opportunity to focus specific improvements and help students make bigger progress in a short amount of time. Other benefits of attending a summer dance class include gaining new skills, increasing coordination, flexibility and strength, and making new friends, all in a stress-free environment!

  • Enroll before June 3 and pay only $50 deposit per camp. (balance due 6/3)

  • Multi-Camp Discount (3 or more)

  • Sibling Discount

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PreK & Kinder  *  Grade 1-4  *  Adult

Leaping Dancer



Thursday 5:15-6:30

Jun 6 * Jun 13 * Jun 20 * Jun 27

This class will be focusing on the fundamentals of dance, building strength and flexibility through stretching, teaching proper form for leaping, and helping you develop the skills to execute crisp turns. With an emphasis on safety, our experienced instructor will guide you through the basics of each skill and provide feedback to help you improve. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence to take your newfound dance skills and continue to practice and refine them.

$92 for all 4 weeks

$25 single day



Thursday 3:30-5:00

Jul 11 * Jul 18 * Jul 25
Aug 1 * Aug 8 * Aug 15

Step into the limelight with our newest stage experience! This summer intensive invites tweens and teens to explore a diverse range of dance styles, with a special focus on the art of storytelling through musical theater. Get ready to shine as we craft a special performance piece exclusively for our upcoming Winter Showcase this December. Enroll now and get ready to experience the thrill of performing on stage this winter.

$156 for all 6 weeks



Thursday 5:00-6:30

Jul 11 * Jul 18 * Jul 25

Aug 1 * Aug 8 * Aug 15

Our acrobatic intensive summer camp is the perfect place to take your skills to the next level! Our certified instructor will challenge and inspire your tween or teen to improve their strength, flexibility, and acrobatic skills. With a focus on safety and fun, we will help you grow as a performer and reach your acrobatic goals. Join us for an unforgettable experience this summer!

$156 for all 6 weeks

$28 single day

Youth Dance Group

Mon-Thurs 4:45-6:30

Aug 19 * Aug 20 * Aug 21 * Aug 22

Our Summer Sampler is the perfect way for middle and high school-aged students to explore the various dance styles offered at Garden State Dance Arts. Our classes are designed to be both fun and supportive, so you can feel comfortable trying something new! Whether you're brand new to dance, getting back into it after a break, or just want to try out a few different styles to see what fits best, our Summer Sampler is the perfect way to get a taste before committing to a longer session in the fall.

$108 for all 4 weeks

$30 single day

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PreK & Kinder  *  Grade 1-4  *  Adult

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