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5 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make When Choosing A Dance Studio For Your Child

Selecting The Right Dance Studio For Your Child Can Be Difficult… We Have Created This Guide So You Get It Right The First Time.

Choosing the Best Dance Studio For Your Child
Download PDF • 1.90MB

This Guide Is Perfect For You If You…

  • Have a child who loves to dance. They dance around the house, up the aisles of the local mall and love putting on shows for your whole family to watch.

  • Are confused when it comes to selecting which dance studio would suit your child best. They all look the same, so where do you start?

  • Don’t want to go to a scary and high pressure dance studio. You want to know the signs to look out for so you don’t end up being a crazy dance parent.

  • Want your child to attend a dance studio that will help boost their confidence, where they can make new friends and, most of all, where they will have fun and learn new skills.

With more and more dance studios opening up each week it can be challenging for a new dance parent to know where the best place will be for their child, and that’s why we created this guide.

You and your child are seeking out a certain type of experience you want to have at a dance studio, so please use this guide to do exactly that - find your family the best fit!

We’ve been working with children, teens, and adults who dance for 20+ years and that’s what we've based this guide on.

We hope you find this helpful when deciding on the best studio for your child.

Happy Dancing,

Rosanne Moxley & Alyssa Noorman

Dance Studio Owners - Garden State Dance Arts

Choosing the Best Dance Studio For Your Child
Download PDF • 1.90MB

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